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Business Mobile Banking App

The SENB Mobile Banking app is designed with your business’ needs in mind. Use a suite of tools to manage your accounts, pay bills, and much more – all from your mobile device. You’ll enjoy the latest digital banking technology right in the palm of your hand.

Download Our Mobile App

Download the app for your mobile device and get started from there! Our free SENB Mobile Banking app is now available for Android™, iPhone® and iPad devices.

Monitor Your Accounts

Our online banking platform makes it easy to track all of your account balances and other information in real-time.

Mobile Capture

Mobile Check Deposit allows you to save time by depositing your checks remotely, no matter where you are or what time of the day it is.  Just snap a picture of the front and back of the check on your smartphone and deposit it using the mobile app. 

*Deposits before 12:00pm CST Monday-Friday will be credited same business day.  All other deposits will be credited next business day.  All checks MUST be endorsed FOR MOBILE DEPOSIT ONLY, if not endorsed properly it will be rejected, Traveler/Foreign checks-not accepted.

Transfer Funds

Easily transfer your money between accounts in just a few minutes.

Smart Transfer

Maintain desired balances in your business account.

Loan Payments

Have a loan at SENB Bank? We make it easy to make payments on your loans through our online banking platform. Set up automatic payments to ensure that you never miss a deadline, saving you time and money.

Bill Pay

Save time using SENB’s Online Bill Pay platform to quickly schedule payments for your one-time or recurring bills. Managing your scheduled payments is easy and convenient, and can be done from your computer or smartphone.

Debit Card Security

Increase your peace of mind with the ability to easily turn your debit cards on and off as needed. Never worry about fraudulent charges to your lost card again – just turn it off right from your mobile device, and turn it back on once you’ve retrieved or found your card!

Account Alerts

Keep your accounts safe with balance, transaction and threshold alerts, and the ability to disable mobile banking quickly should your phone get lost or stolen.

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Security Matters

SENB Bank has taken every precaution to ensure the security of mobile banking. Account information is not stored on your mobile device.

SENB Bank’s Mobile Banking uses the same level of security as SENB Bank’s Online Banking system. The system brings together a combination of industry-approved security technologies to protect data for the bank and for you. It features a multi-factor authentication system, industry-leading encryption, and multiple security protocols and access restrictions to regulate the inflow and outflow of server traffic. Unique User ID and one-time passcode is required for certain transactions.

*There is no charge for Mobile Banking, but your mobile phone service provider may charge for text messages and/or web access, and access outside the United States may be limited by your service provider. Be sure to check your service plan for additional details. iPhone, Apple and App Store are trademarks of Apple Inc. Google Play and Android are trademarks of Google Inc.

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