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Amy Vollmer

NMLS ID: 408095

Mortgage Loan Officer

Direct Line: 563-293-3399

Cell Phone: 563-340-5626

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Education & Experience

A graduate of Augustana College with a degree in Accounting and Business Administration, Amy Vollmer brings over thirty years of experience to her role as Mortgage Lending Officer.


As a Mortgage Lending Officer, Amy specializes in helping customers find the right home loan for their needs, and has experience originating a variety of mortgages, including: FHA Loans, VA home loans, Conventional mortgages, and construction loans. She also assists homeowners with refinancing and home equity lending services.

When it comes to mortgage lending, Amy says: “I find that with financing, we need to adapt our delivery to the borrower’s needs and level of experience. I always tell my clients to not be afraid to ask questions. This is a major event in their lives, whether it’s the first home, or the 5th. Your lives change, needs change, and so do guidelines. My role is to educate them and help them feel comfortable with the decisions we are making, or what they need to do to be able to achieve those goals.”

Amy’s advice for new customers is:

“In the world of big banking, to have a lender that is able to not only originate, but service locally, and be able to do portfolio loans where it makes sense, is rare in this day and age. I always struggled with big lenders not being able to step up and close a loan that made sense. Our flexibilities are unmatched.”

Outside of Work

Amy is a resident of Moline along with her husband, to whom she’s been married for over 30 years. Together, they have raised two children.

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