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Wealth Management Services

Your Financial Goals, Our Fiduciary Standard

As a community bank, we’ve built our reputation on responsible wealth management practices in the Quad Cities and Stateline regions. Our experienced Wealth Management team offers a hands-on approach to help you identify and plan for your long-term financial and life goals. As a fiduciary, we always put your best interest first.

What is Wealth Management?

Whatever your life goals, a good wealth management strategy can help you reach them. Wealth management provides investment advice and other financial services to help keep your life and assets on the right track. From estate and retirement planning to securing your family’s future, our Wealth Management team can help.

Wealth Management Services

Personal Financial Consulting: Set goals, have your current portfolio reviewed, and receive personalized recommendations from our Wealth Management Team. 

Trust Estate AdministrationProfessional trust and estate consulting and administration services. 

IRA CounselingReview your current IRA and/or 401(k) assets to receive personalized recommendations for your portfolio.

Meet Our Team: Leverage decades of wealth management experience when you partner with the SENB Wealth

Why partner with SENB Bank?

Our professional Wealth Management team will work with and for you – much like your attorney and/or accountant. We specialize in liberating clients from the day-to-day burden of having to deal with all that goes into wealth planning. Let us empower you to pursue and attain your financial goals so that you have more time, confidence, and peace of mind to live your best life.

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