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IRA Retirement Savings Counseling

When was the last time you reviewed your retirement account(s) and asset allocation? If the answer is “never” or “I don’t know,” you’re probably in need of a tune-up. Whether you already have a traditional or Roth IRA or not, we can help you determine if an IRA is a good retirement option for you. Our experienced Wealth Management team will review your IRA and/or 401(k) retirement plan assets and help you choose the best option to minimize taxes and maximize personal benefits.

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When to schedule retirement account counseling

Our professional, knowledgeable staff can help you navigate the following situations:

  • Getting ready to retire
  • Switching jobs
  • Want a plan overview to make sure your accounts are optimized
  • Just because!

Benefits of IRA Retirement Counseling with SENB Bank

  • Develop a personalized investment program designed to meet your target
  • Consolidate assets and streamline your investments to minimize cost and boost returns
  • Coordinate distribution and social security claiming strategies
  • We have a proven track record of helping people just like you in the Quad Cities and Stateline regions!

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