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Trust & Estate Administration

As a community bank, we’ve built our reputation on responsible trust and estate administration practices in the Quad Cities and Stateline regions. Our Trust team has built hands-on experience with settling trusts and estates of all sizes. We’ll put our experience to work for you to deliver exceptional and realistic estate planning services.

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What is Trust Administration?

Trust administration refers to the process by which an estate’s designated trustee(s) manage trust property according to the terms specified in the trust. Trustees must make decisions in the best interest of the trust administration. When you designate an institution like SENB Bank to perform trust administration, you can rest assured that your wishes will be carried out as planned without placing the burden of trustee responsibilities on one of your friends or loved ones.

What is Estate Administration?

Everyone has an estate, which consists of your property, financial accounts, and other assets, minus any debts you hold at your death. When you draft a will, you designate an executor to carry out your wishes after your death. Estate administration is also known as estate management, which refers to the responsibilities associated with settling the estate such as distributing property and inheritances, and paying taxes and debts. As with trust administration, designing a bank as your executor can save time and hassle for your heirs.

Why partner with SENB Bank?

If you find yourself in need of assistance with trust or estate planning, we can help. At SENB Wealth Management, you’ll find:

  • Decades of experience, continuing education, and professional designations
  • Face-to-face, personal service from local professionals
  • Someone to simplify the transfer of estate assets from one generation to another
  • A partner that works closely with family members to ensure satisfaction with the estate administration
  • Free estate consultations

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